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escape from the edges of the dystopian

escape from the edges of the dystopian emerged amidst my angst over the currently accelerating rending of our basic human values. It is about adaptation and finding a safe space within an unforgiving environment. The majority of the materials in this installation are recycled — all of the fabric came from discarded clothing, often the cast offs of people I know. Clothing is a mode of shelter from the outside world, and repurposing it is a call to shelter natural resources from exhaustion. Each item of clothing has a story, and bringing them together to create something new is a way to restore community. The piece as a whole looks like a place a person might enter to find shelter — a reprieve from the profound threats which characterize our contemporary reality. 



escape from the edges of the dystopian exists in conversation with two other pieces, far reaching and be fruitful and multiply. they have permanent homes in crystal city, arlington, VIRGINIA.