The knitted sculpural works installed here are part of my “shapeshifter” series and are about transformation, adaptation, and context. They are created using recycled clothing and linens collected from my community. This work emerged amidst my angst over the “torn fabric of our society” driven into focus during and after the presidential election.  As I explore the form and colors of the original items, I am conscious of the history inherent in each piece, how these fabrics are imbued with the movements of the bodies and personalities that used them, and the identities that they imparted.  Clothing impacts our sense of self. We discard parts of ourselves and try on new identities. As with individual people, the identity of each work in this series is determined by context.  These pieces adapt and morph, depending on whether stretched across a wall, pooled on the floor or pedestal, standing alone or engage with another.  As we residents of America seek to figure out who we are in this divisive time, this work helps me engage with others, utilizing these remnants and artifacts of their lives to create simulacrums that are illustrative of a greater being, components of multiple people knitted together to create something new, interesting, adaptable, and beautiful.

the images show many of the pieces multiple times adapted to different displays and installations.