fiber art   

      My work with recycled textiles emerged amidst my concerns for the health of my community, both locally and globally. We’re facing a violently divisive political climate and a looming environmental catastrophe.

         Fast fashion -- the compulsion to constantly update the way we present ourselves to the world -- has contributed to enormous levels of pollution, second only to oil. The materials I use are primarily recycled textiles from the Boston area. The fact that I have access to hundreds of pounds of discarded clothing illustrates how overwhelming the consequences of overconsumption are. The newest thing becomes passé in a heartbeat; the pursuit of an impossible goal leaves a trail of waste.

         Repurposing old clothes is how I cope. They are imbued with both the history of their first use, and the possibilities for their future. Turning them into artworks is how I do my part to heal the planet –it keeps them out of landfills, invites discourse about our role in climate change, and is a tangible symbol of hope.