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an object's

shishko & moseley

long time friends, adrienne shishko and suzanne moseley met periodically before the pandemic to create art together as a way of looking at their individual practices through a different lens. both shared a process-driven approach and an orientation towards vibrant, energetic work, so mingling their techniques was exciting. during these improvisational art sessions, they each initiated work from shared materials, then switched midway through to continue working into the other’s piece. shishko’s masses of discarded clothing, acquired from acquaintances, soon became a counterpoint to stacks of unresolved screenprints and cyanotypes contributed from moseley’s studio. cutting both bodies of material into strips and weaving through and around other found objects, the two identified an interesting tension between shishko’s focus on our hollow throw-away culture and moseley’s attention to the hallowed nature of treasured objects. a new collaboration was born. 

an object's promise

an object’s promise was a playful and poignant maximalist intervention that aimed to raise consciousness about our possessions and intentions. on view from may 12 through june 14, 2022 at the fpac assemblage art space in Boston's fort point neighborhood, the exhibition included works ranging from screen prints crafted from cherished artifacts to totems of amassed impulse buys. through these process-driven artworks by artists adrienne shishko and suzanne moseley explore how we use objects to express our identity, connect to the past, and imagine our future – to both beautiful and detrimental effect. 

newton artful pianos

created in collaboration with cindy cuba clements to represent the new art center in the 2018 iteration of the newton artful pianos.

objects promise
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