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residential installations


gallery installations

an object's promise

an object's promise was a two-person exhibition featuring suzanne moseley and adrienne shishko hosted by the fort point arts community in spring of 2022. the product of a year-long collaboration that continues to this day, the work in this show unveiled how we use objects to express our identity, connect to the past, and imagine our future – to both beautiful and detrimental effect. in this work, viewers were asked to see objects, not as purely inanimate, but something far more lively. they were invited to explore the energy objects exude and elicit and the ways they influence our decisions, spark our desires and nurture deep attachments. 

an object's promise


traces was a 2014 solo exhibition created in collaboration with beth kantorwitz of bk projects and hosted in the vacant top floor of the old sears building in boston's fenway neighborhood, which later became the building at 401 park. the exhibition featured mixed media paintings meant to evoke abstract urban landscapes marked by the lives lived within them.


quin house boston

two of my paintings, “its presence yielded” and “tied into knots,” are among the prestigious collection the the boston quin house which also boast works by julian schnable, nick cave, and many others. one piece is housed in one of the club’s hotel rooms while the other is displayed prominently in the main salon designed by ken fulk, which and was featured in the august 2021 issue of architectural digest.


crystal city

part of a  huge public art project created in collaboration with jbg smith, the acquisition of this body of work, including digital building wraps, paintings, and fiber sculptures, was intended to give a very tired development a quick face lift in order to entice a sale. i and one other artist were each assigned two different twelve story buildings and were asked to create art that could translate to this scale. one of my designs was created by translating a mixed media painting in a digital format, the other design was entirely created digitally, using photoshop to modify the drawing done originally on my ipad. it was a great opportunity to create and experience art on that scale.

trio newton

in 2020, over 20 of my works were installed in the newly constructed trio newton, a luxury apartment building located in newtonville, ma. The selected works spanned from early still lifes to more recent abstract works that enlivened the common areas throughout the building.