my return to art making as an adult began with painting, and while i explore lots of different media in my practice, i always come back to painting. below you will find several series that have defined my explorations in the painting, as well as a collection of newer paintings that have yet to find their way into a larger body of work. many of these works include elements of collage. i am always attracted to pattern, pattern in fabric, in print, and in images in general that i see on a daily basis. collage allows me to mine these images and appropriate and reuse them in a new way.

recent paintings

my response

this body of work began in the tense times during the long 2016 election campaign period and in the stressful period that followed. color seems to be a go-to antidote.


this collection is really eclectic, and highlights my range of playfulness and curiosity with paint.

midnight garden

this series began with the first painting on view, "explosion on the bar.” it was inspired by an absolutely stunning and enormous flower arrangement on the bar at a friend's evening birthday party.  in the twinkly candle light at the party, these flowers seemed to explode.  i couldn't get over how gorgeous the arrangement was and came home and painted this piece the next day.   what followed was this series which is about finding beauty in the darkness.


this series reflects my ongoing exploration of the grid as a framework for me to build upon, continuing my efforts to find order in the chaos.