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mosh studio is a collaboration between artists and long-time friends, suzanne moseley and adrienne shishko. inspired by their shared process-driven approach and their orientation towards vibrant, energetic work, they began creating work together in 2021. using repurposed mixed media, fiber, and found objects, they explore humanity’s “throw away” culture and impulsive consumerism and its direct impact on the environment. the work is intended to draw the viewer in with its color and texture, and then to engage them in a discovery of the objects woven in the piece along with introducing them to the concept. ultimately, the hope is for the viewer to be inspired to reflect on their own purchasing and discarding habits and their role in helping protect the environment.



exhibitions + projects

There is No Away II

Studio Without Walls (Brookline, MA) | Forthcoming

Fiber Reimagined

Gravers Lane Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) | 2023

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Fabric of Life

Awarded the Second Place Prize

Arts League of Lowell (Lowell, MA) | 2023

5 for 5 Exhibition

J Mane Gallery (online) | 2023

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There is No Away

Boston City Hall (Boston, MA) | 2024


Boston City Hall (Boston, MA) | 2023

Tensile Force

Farm Projects (Wellfleet, MA) | 2023

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An Object's Promise

Fort Point Arts Community (Boston, MA) | 2022

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Brookline News: "Brookline artist’s work makes a statement about sustainability"

Article of "There is No Away" | 2024

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I Like Your Work: Radiate& Repeat

Spring Exhibition in Print | 2023

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Boston Globe: Things and "thneeds"

Review of "An Object's Promise" | 2022

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New Visionary Magazine

Issue 9 | 2024

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Fiber Art Now: Fiber Reimagined

International Juried Exhibition in Print | 2023

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Suzanne representing MOSH Studio as the keynote speaker at the Berklee School of Music’s Annual Liberal Arts & Sciences Symposium, "Living in a Material World: Art, Activism, and Climate Change.
Artist Talk presented in conjunction with "An Object's Promise: the magical thinking we attach to our things" at the Fort Point Arts Community Assemblage Space.
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