this series began as an exercise designed to allow me to explore line and composition without the burdens imposed by scale, color, and abundant materials.  the outcome has been a great surprise and has resulted in an entirely separate and satisfying new body of work.  since i limited the “input”, the experience has been quite meditative, calming my creative mind, and allowing me to create a different sort of work than i have traditionally been focused on.


the ipad has offered me another creative outlet that lets me create wherever i am, no materials or mess involved.  it’s a unique opportunity to create and edit freely and experiment with new gestures, colors, and styles  with few barriers to entry.  it also offers a way to offer people more affordable art tailored to their tastes and budget.



these little paintings were an evolution from my drawing meditation series, but i created them on wooden panels and experimented with the delicate addition color.


i spent a lot of time in ceramics classes as a child and an occasional foray into the medium as an adult transports me back to that time of pure play and offers my hands an exercise in expression quite different from other mediums. these whimsical photos are the work of artist emma gelbard.



this series continues my exploration of the "line" that i started in my small ink meditations series. however, here i am working a variety of recycled textiles. all of these pieces are between 3" and 12".